I am now 53 years old and life has been throwing me curveballs since I was 8 years old. Since that age I have had a boatload of anxiety issues. As an adult I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get my anxiety under control. I knew what caused my anxiety to explode, a car accident in which my mother was hospitalized for 6 weeks. When I was in college, I started to get my first glimpse of the rope I could pull myself up with. I had a handful of situations where I could feel people’s energy. I would feel a tingling in my body as I was in someone’s presence. In the United States this might seem like poppycock, but I was experiencing life force energy, or what is called chi in Chinese medicine and prana in yogic circles. I did not handle these situations with aplomb. I thought maybe I should try to befriend the person whose energy I felt. I got so overwhelmed with these situations that I asked God/and or the universe to take this ability away from me. Lo and behold this ability did go away. I wish I asked God/the universe to help to figure out how to deal with my ability and just calm down around it. Now let’s continue down the road.

When I was 40 years old my father got diagnosed with cancer and my anxiety went berserk. I was a mess and decided to go on antidepressants. Oh, was that a mistake. I was on a drug called paxil. I thought I was losing my mind. After 38 days I stopped taking these pills, but I really needed some assistance. One day I saw a flyer for a therapist that used life force energy in his practice. When I was in my 20 and 30’s I used to feel life force energy in my body and thought I think this energy can heal me, but I needed a teacher to guide me.

Life force energy/chi has been around probably since the beginning of this planet. It has been used in chinese medicine for over 5,000 years and was written about in yogic documents 5000 years ago. To me this is the most powerful healing tool on the planet. There are many ways to stimulate life force energy. One popular technique is to bring your attention to the 7 main chakra centers in your body and feel life force energy as it goes to each center. The main way I was taught was to bring your attention to an energy center a few inches above your head and feel the life force pouring down into your head and subsequently visualize it going throughout your body. The energy has an intelligence of its own, which knows what we need more than our mind does. This was driven home to me during group meditations. The facilitator would tell us to bring our attention to one chakra and life force energy would go to another chakra. I decided to stop focusing on where the facilitator was telling me to focus my energy and let the energy go where it wanted. Another day soon after my father go diagnosed with cancer, I was really stressed while I was driving my car, all of a sudden I felt a flood of life force energy go down my legs, to my feet. This helped me calm down, when the energy goes down legs and out your feet it is very grounding.

Life force energy work can be very therapeutic, but you have to put in the effort. I practice a combination of meditation and yoga every day for about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Once I realized life force energy helped me, I made it a point to practice it every day. I would put in 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night. The more I worked with life force energy my anxiety started to go away. There are times that I am amazed at the growth that can occur in a year or two and I attribute much of this to Life Force Energy. Certain situations that used to through me for a loop I now handle pretty seamlessly. I have been working with life force energy for 14 years now, as I do more work the energy takes on more healing capabilities. In practical terms I feel more energy and my life is better. When the energy is really percolating inside me it gives me a feeling of joy, it is my north star.

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Published by Ron Weintraub

I am a Freelance writer, Yoga Instructor and teacher of Life Force energy meditation. Life force energy helped my change my life at age 40.

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