I am a freelance writer, yoga instructor and life force meditation teacher. For about 10 years I worked in a in a job I could not stand. I found the work very unfulfilling Help, I needed to escape. I did not have much in my 401k but enough that I felt comfortable parachuting out of the company. I took time off, went for walks in woods, did yoga and was enjoying myself. When kaboom life came calling. My girlfriend of 16 years passed away. I had to find a place to live and get a new job. I started to drive for Uber and Lyft. They were o.k., but no one is getting rich driving for them. So now I am starting my own blog. In my blog I will focus mainly on personal development issues. Nutrition is a big part of what I am focusing on now. There is a lot we have to change on this planet and if my writing helps 1.5 people that is a start. Best wishes

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