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Happy Father’s Day

  My father has been dead for about 4 years.  I so wish I could see him and hug him.  He was a  nice man.   No one ever accused my father of being a verbose man,  which in a crazy way made what he said so memorable.  My relationship with some of my family…

We the People

These were the first three words to the Preamble of the Constitution and a siren call for the will that is needed to overcome an enormous problem American’s have, our increasing weight. The National Institute of Health estimates 300,000 American’s die annually from obesity-related reasons. The biggest obstacle we face is everywhere we look unhealthy food is…

Thoughts on gratitude, forgiveness and other stuff

Today I woke up and meditated for 30 minutes. After reading the paper and watching a little TV, I decided to turn off my television and took a beautiful nap. I woke up feeling grateful, which is a feeling I aspire to. Gratitude, love and forgiveness are sort of easy to articulate, but do we really feel…

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