Yoga/Life Force Energy Meditation

Life Force Energy Meditation is meditation where we are utilizing techniques to bring life force energy or chi into our bodies. Life Force energy helped change my life. I offer private sessions for working with Life force energy, please contact me regarding those. Life force energy is most accessible during the new and full moons. With that in mind every 2 weeks I will have an evening meditation for both moons. The full is the most powerful it is considered a time for letting things go. The new moon is considered a time for setting new intentions for what you want to create in your life.

Below is the full and new moon calender for January and Febraury of 2020 on each night we will have a zoom at 7:30 pm for 25 minutes maybe a smig more. No charge but their is a suggested donation of $5. Please contact me and I will you the zoom information.

New Moon-January 13

Full Moon- January 28

New Moon-Febuary 11

Full Moon-Feb 27

YOGA YOGA YOGA-I teach alignment based Hatha Yoga. I offer one on one and group classes. Group prices anywhere from $5-15. All classes on Zoom. Please contact me I will you send the zoom information. I offer private zoom classes at $50 a class, please contact me if your interested. If enough people are interested in chair yoga classes please let me know and I will look to start a chair yoga class.

Monday- 10:00-11:15 am (all classes are eastern time zone)-Gentle Yoga-I am big believer in Gentle Yoga. It can be so relaxing and still challenging. I am so present when I take a gentle yoga class.

Tuesday-10-11:15 am Yoga level 1

Wednesday-10:00-11:15 am level 1-3 Yoga

Thursday 7:00-8:15 pm level 1

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